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Five Top Tips 

As a woman, your body will go through some amazing changes as it reaches puberty, experiences pregnancy and undergoes the menopause. For many it is a trouble free journey but for others it can be more problematic.

The fact remains, that over half of all women in the UK will experience a reproductive health problem during their lifetime. Through embarrassment or fear, many women choose to suffer in silence rather than visit a doctor.

1. Get to know your own body
You are the best person to see if anything unusual is happening. 
2. Examine your body regularly
If you notice any unexpected change however small in your body, don't wait, go and see your GP. 
3. Be Informed
The more you know the better you'll be - see our your health section and take a look at the information. 
4. Stay in check
Make sure you go to your health screening checks - see our health checks section. 
5. Look after yourself
The best way to avoid problems is to keep yourself as fit and healthy as possible through a balanced diet and regular exercise. Lifestyle changes can really make a difference, so stop smoking and do those pelvic floor exercises!

Page last updated February 2013


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